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Work Together

Join us as a Jamboree Delivery Team

Jamboree Delivery Team (JDT) is the group of volunteers who actually plans the details of the Jamboree in specific tasks of each Department in the Jamboree Organization. JDTs are expected to come to the Jamboree site few days earlier and leave few days after members of the International Service Team.


Who can become a JDT

Candidate for the JDT should have following capacities:

- Able to communicate either English, French or Japanese

- Good planning and communication skills

- Basic computer skills (Microsoft Office, regular communication through


- Know large scale camping Scout event, such as Jamboree or moot

- Good in understanding different culture and organizational differences

- Eager to make a great Jamboree


Jamboree Delivery Team will…

Plan and execute the Jamboree in specific areas of work

JDTs are expected to have some speciality in Jamboree planning and execution. Each JDT should beresponsible for specific areas of work, depending on their work assignments.


Report to Head of Department or Section, depending the area of work

JDTs will be involved in the details of the planning, and should report to respective Head of Department or Section (TBC) and will be the field leadership among other ISTs during the Jamboree.


Be expected to stay longer in the Jamboree Site

JDTs are expected to arrive at their work areas around 24 July 2015, prepare for IST arrival, and requested to leave the Jamboree after 10 August 2015, after departure of ISTs. Please note specific arrival and departure dates are slightly different depending on their assigned task or requirement of each department.


Be required to pay Registration Fee for the Jamboree

Successful JDT candidate will be asked to pay their registration fee through respective National Scout Organization(NSO), according to the categorized fee according to their membership NSO.


Camp in each national Contingent, except some specific cases appended

In 23WSJ, all JDTs and ISTs are expected to live with their CMTs. In other words, successful JDT candidate need to arrange their camping preparation together with their CMTs.


How to Register to JDT

1. Make sure your meet to the above mentioned criteria

2. Fill up the JDT Registration Form

3. Send your application to your National Office (local procedure should


4. Your National Office will send your form to the Jamboree Office

5. Scout Association of Japan will get back to the National Office and




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We have received a number of questions regarding the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. We have compiled several frequently asked questions and answers.


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23rd World Scout Jamboree

28 JulyTo 8 August 2015

Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City,

Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

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