The 23rd World Scout Jamboree is over!


The 23rd World Scout Jamboree is the event held in July - August 2015, and this page

is kept for REFERENCE PURPOSE only!.

The event was attended by 33,628 people from 155 countries and terrtories! We would like to say big THANK YOU for everybody!

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Programme Outline

Sub Camp Map

We have received a number of questions regarding the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. We have compiled several frequently asked questions and answers.


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In the run-up to the Jamboree, Bulletins will be published as the main channel of communication, in order to provide National Scout Organizations (NSOs) and their Contingents with information to prepare for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree.


Details of preparation may vary among NSOs, therefore, any individual reading this document should confirm the details with his/her NSO and use Bulletin as secondary information.


Bulletin #01

July 2012

• The Jamboree Site

• Jamboree Programme!

• Promotion Materials

• Study Visit at the pre-Jamboree for 23WSJ

• First Heads of Contingents Visit Timetable


23WSJ Bulletin #01(English).pdf

Bulletin #02

• How to build a Jamboree Contingent

• International Service Team

• Jamboree Organisation

• Contingent Management Team

• Jamboree Planning Team

• Home Hospitality Programme

• 23WSJ Study Visit

• First Head of Contingent Visit

• Terms and Conditions

• Promotion Materials

• Jamboree Site

• Timetable


April 2013

Bulletin #03

October 2013

• Contingent Registration and payments

• Entry points

• Shipping items to the Jamboree

• What’s included in the Jamboree fee?

• Home Hospitality

• Applying for a visa

• Jamboree Contingent resource Page

• First Heads of Contingent Visit

• Food houses

• 30th APR Scout Jamboree

• Plan your travel for the Jamboree

• Contingents’ contribution to the programme

• Weather at the Jamboree site

• 23WSJ Facebook page and website update

• Contingent checklist

• Timetable

• Next Bulletin

• Appendices

• Contact Details


Bulletin #04

March 2014

• Registration for the Jamboree

• How to create a Jamboree Contingent – Part 2

• International Service Team

• Jamboree Planning Team

• Safe from Harm

• Medical care at the Jamboree

• Jamboree Programme! (Update)

• Jamboree Contingent Programme

• Contingent Pavilions/Office

• Let’s learn some Japanese!


Bulletin #05

October 2014

• Welcome

• Registration for the Jamboree (Update)

• Transport (Update)

• IST (Update)

• Safe from Harm Training (Update)

• HoHo (Update)

• Media and Public Relations Support

• Young Correspondents

• Day Visitor

• Special Guest

• Scout Guest

• Contingent Receptions

• Jamboree Programme (Update)

• Join-in-Jamboree (JIJ)

• Contingent Pavilions/Office (Update)

• Second Heads of Contingent Visit

• Tents for Contingent

• Jamboree online shop

• JAMTEL (Onsite pitched tent accommodation)

• Tips on staying in Japan

• Appendices

• Timetable

Bulletin #06

February 2015

• Welcome

• Registration for the Jamboree

• Applying for visa

• Insurance

• IST (Update)

• Transport

• Safe from Harm (Update)

• Emergency Management

• Medical care at the Jamboree (Update)

• Climate of the Jamboree

• The Jamboree site

• Services at the Jamboree

• Day Visitor

• Cultural Exchange Day

• Unit Food

• Food at Staff Restaurant

• Patrol/Unit Equipment

• Contingent Checklist

• Let’s try to Origami

Bulletin #07

June 2015

• Contingent Registration

• Second Heads of Contingent Visit

• Insurance (Reminder)

• Arrival information

• Life of CMT and IST

• IST Experience

• Risk and Crisis Management

• Safe From Harm (Reminder)

• Jamboree Programme

• World Scout Programmes: a framework for

 creating a better world

• Food for World Food Festival (Update)

• Let’s play traditional Japanese games

• Jamboree Site (Update)

• Unit Site layout

• Hub and Sub Camp logos

• Sending items to the Jamboree site

• Unit Food

• Food at Staff Restaurant

• Jamboree Song

• Day Visitor

• Media Centre

• Jamboree Media

• Bulletin Highlights

• Appendices

• Opportunities for Contingents


Circulars will provide National Scout Organizations and their Contingents with important information quickly outside the Bulletin schedule, and there is no predetermined schedule for production of Circulars. Please consider Circular as additional information to the Bulletins.

Circular #01

Feb 2014

• First Head of Contingents Visit – Update

• Jamboree Planning Team

• Jamboree Planning Team Gathering


23WSJ Circular #01(English).pdf

JIJ Programme Guide

You can use this Programme Guide to bring the Jamboree Programme and experience to you troop meeting.

The target of this JIJ guide is not only participants of 23rd World Scout Jamboree in 2015, but also all of Scouts and leaders all over the world.

These activities can be used at any time at the patrol/unit meeting. You can adopt these activities for your own situation, depending on the size of the troop, the experience of the membership, the facilities in your meeting place and where you live.



Posters are available from the links below. You can make use of them for PR of the Jamboree.

Jamboree Song

"A Spirit of Unity"

23rd World Scout Jamboree Song is now available. Let’s practice and sing together with Scouts from around the world in 23WSJ in 2015.


23rd World Scout Jamboree

28 JulyTo 8 August 2015

Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City,

Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

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