Memorial Package

Keep your memories of the 23WSJ in your hand!

We are very sorry to keep you waiting for long. Order web-page is now open!



Order and release date has been revised. The order will be accepted until the end of December, and the memorial package will be shipped in January 2016.


Beautiful memories of the days in Kirara-hama will be packed into a photo book and a DVD! The Memorial Package will be produced by orders only, and the order placement page is available now!

We will accept the order until the end of December.


きらら浜での素晴らしい思い出がいっぱいつまった写真集とDVDのセットです! このメモリアルパッケージは受注生産になりますので、注文用のWEBページでぜひご注文ください。




- A Photo Book covering various moments of the Jamboree

- A DVD includes photos and videos throughout the camp,

  footage from the arena events! Also includes digitalized

  archives of the Jamboree Newspaper, pre-event posters, etc.

  (DVD could only be played by computers, not by DVD-video



- ジャンボリーの様々な場面を納めた写真集

- ジャンボリーの記録映画のほか、様々な写真や映像、ジャンボリー





The photo is for illustrative purposes only.


Price: JPY 5,000.


Including shipping cost to your home (same price for all countries!)

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23rd World Scout Jamboree

28 JulyTo 8 August 2015

Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City,

Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

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